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Photovoltaic solar power

Solar power is the electrical energy generated by photovoltaic solar panels. It is a sustainable (non-polluting) and unlimited technology: it makes it possible to achieve great savings.
Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy in order to store it in batteries or consume it instantaneously.


Low cost: the panels are ten times cheaper now than they were a decade ago.
High performance: Spain is the country with the most solar radiation in Europe, a fact which ensures these systems’ optimal performance.

What can we do for you?
We analyse energy consumption to select the best solution.
We design, plan and deliver systems with the maximum guarantee and safety.
We monitor and maintain our systems throughout their useful life.
Off-the-grid self-consumption - With storage
Off-the-grid self-consumption
With storage

Isolated photovoltaic systems make it possible to generate an electrical current without being connected to the grid, obtaining energy by capturing sunlight.

These isolated systems are generally formed by solar panels, a charge regulator to monitor tension in batteries, an inverter and storage batteries. These batteries store the energy produced during the day and allow you to use it in the hours with no sunlight.

They are ideal in areas where connection to the electrical grid is infeasible or would imply an excessive cost.

On-the-grid self-consumption - With storage
On-the-grid self-consumption
With storage

These systems are the most appropriate for those who wish to take as much advantage of solar radiation as they can since, in having storage, it allows you to use the energy generated by the sun during the night or in periods with no solar radiation (cloudy or foggy days).

In these systems, the inverters intelligently manage the three sources of energy (the one which comes directly from the solar panels during sunlight hours, the one stored in the batteries and the one from the electrical grid) to ensure there is always power in the outlet.

On-the-grid self-consumption - Without storage
On-the-grid self-consumption
Without storage

Non-storing systems contain everything they need to create solar power for self-consumption in an instantaneous way, at the time it is generated.

They make it possible to produce energy through renewable sources and deliver leftover energy to the power grid or not, depending on the user’s interests.

It is an adequate option especially in businesses where the peaks of consumption coincide with the moments of maximum solar performance.