Electrical panel replacement at Harinera Selgua

The factory, owned by the Regany Group, is centred on the production and sale of products made with flour and derivatives. Its main activity is the manufacturing of baking flours.

The Regany Group has been committed, for over 50 years, to quality, service, progress and working with people.

nous quadres elèctrics instal·lats per Jorfe, en procés d'acabar amb els cables, automàtics i diferencials
quadres elèctrics acabats amb les portes ja posades
imatge de la façana de Harinera Selgua
Harinera de Selgua, S.A.
Selgua (Huesca)
Year of execution

Jorfe has performed the work of supplying, constructing and replacing all the factory’s electrical panels, with a total installed capacity of 1,000 kW.