Evaporative cooling system at Consist Group plant

Evaporative cooling is the best option for cooling large volumes of air in summer with the minimum consumption of energy and, thus, with much lower operating costs than in other systems.

The Consist Group has thereby joined the energy-saving and energy-efficiency movement with the help of Jorfe.

maquina evaporativa instal·lada a la teulada de la nau
extractor aire a teulada de la nau
conducte i sortida d'aire fret sistema evaporatius
maquina evaporativa instal·lada a la teulada de la nau
vista teulada nau amb maquines evaporatives i extractors
Grupo Consist, S.A.
Year of execution

Evaporative cooling system for the Consist Group's lamination plant in Agramunt, Lleida. The system in the plant, with a total area of 755m2, includes three evaporating machines, an impulsion conduct and diffuser, an electrical control system, a ventilation system, plumbing and connection to the sewage system.