Jorfe - Empresa d’assessorament


Since the foundation of the company in 1983 we have always kept the same objective criteria, giving the highest quality, confidence and seriousness in our services. We provide efficiency, comfort and safety to each and every one of the installations and maintenance that we carry out.

What motivates us?

Meet the needs

Satisfy the needs of our customers with the highest quality.

Offer better quality

We have established an ISO 9001:15 quality management system that allows us to offer a responsible and efficient service.

Fast services

Our services are professional and of quality.

Regulations compliance

We are concerned about compliance with all current regulations and technical regulations.

“Our values are based on quality, professionalism and respect for the environment.”
- Jordi
“A happy customer with the provided service is the company policy.”
- Fermí

Human team

Jorfe's human team is the main asset of our company. The professionalism and effort of our workers is what has led us to be a benchmark in the sector of facilities in the province of Lleida. We have a committed team with a vocation for service, which allows us to offer the best solutions and confidence in the deal.

Jorfe team
Jorfe team
Jorfe team
Jorfe team
Jorfe team

Certificates and approvals

We are continually training staff to obtain the highest level of professionalism at work. The taught courses guarantee the good technical and practical growth of our field workers and administrative personnel.

Our ISO 9001 certificate (accredited by OCA) is the proof of our will to provide the best possible service to our client.

In addition, Jorfe Instal·lacions is correctly registered and approved to be able to carry out the treatment to third parties in the prevention and control of legionellosis.

Classification for the State's works
  • Group I | Subgroups 1D, 5E, 6E, 7C, 8E i 9E
  • Group J | Subgroups 2E, 3C, 4E i 5D
  • Group K | Subgroup 9D
  • Group O | Subgroups 1A
  • Group P | Subgroups 1C, 2B, 3C i 5B
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